Jobs & Cooperation

We have clients worldwide from the yachting business and trade fair exhibitors operating internationally.
Depending on new products etc. we develop for these clients Marketing and PR activities in Internet and SocialMedia in several countries.

To be able to give the best local service we always look for native speaking Freelancers.

Your Skills

Our cooperation partners should have excellent skills in various or better one topic. There are always demands for:

  • SocialMedia (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.)
  • SocialMedia China (WeChat, Tencent Weibo, Tencent QQ etc.)
  • Coding (clean hardcoding of HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, JAVA, JavaScript)
  • Design (Photoshop, Indesign etc.)
  • Video (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, iMovie)
  • Translation and Localization (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese)

Our Needs

  • Standard Software
    Since many jobs are done within a team, the use of standard software is necessary.
  • Source Code
    To complete a project sometimes we have to work with many contributors. So it is important to centralize the code and data of work done.
  • Client Protection
    Our cooperation partners also have to confirm in written (as our providers do regarding our freelancers) not to enter into any contracts with our clients.
  • Tax Responsibilities
    As we administrate all our accounting activities through the headquarter you have to take care about your legal tax responsibilities.

Your Needs

For each project we used to have a budget with a step by step payment (mostly 30/30/40 or 50/50). We understand that our cooperation partners receive their initial payment as we do.

Something about your Project Partner

Years ago Mr. Moreau was building up and running for a certain time quite a big software department of an IT company as the owner was a pure hardware specialist. Means he has general skills, has very deep programming knowledge, he knows what are your problems and he is used to give a solution.

If you are interested in the concept, just get in touch with Mr. Moreau.

The quick way:
🇪🇸  +34 62039 2201 (WhatsApp) or
🇬🇧  +44 203290 2201.

By Email to go into more details:
To describe yourself with details of your work or just to arrange a date to have a chat or video conversation please use the form.

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