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An eCommerce application is not a website, it is a project like a physical shop with its infrastructure and its staff. This means that we work together in certain areas where our clients have a lack of knowledge. (as consultant, programmer, payment gateway controller, product designer, search engine optimizer, logistics manager, managing director, etc.)

Norberto Moreau • Project Manager
(specialized in server-side PHP and mySQL solutions)

Online shopping with the latest technology as development for the client or a managed SAAS application in behalf of the client.

  • We develop the store with the best e-commerce platforms in PHP / mySQL
    (in varios languages with a team of native speaking professionals)

    • WordPress WooCommerce as owner of the shop (for small shops)
    • Shopify as rented online solution (SAAS – Software as a Service)
    • Prestashop as a self-hosted solution and as owner of the shop (for extensive shops)
    • Magento as a self-hosted solution and as owner of the shop (for very extensive shops)
  • We integrate the most common payment gateways
  • We perform search engine optimization
  • We manage logistics operators
  • We offer customer service to meet all communications with your customers
    (Assistance in the purchase process, handling returns, claims, after-sales service)

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